The Importance Of Training To Use Cleaning Machines

At Clemas & Co Ltd when we deliver your new cleaning equipment, we will also offer FREE operator training which includes the following:

  • We will train the user/s to operate the equipment.
  • We will train on how to maintain the machine.

Training the operator is essential to ensure your cleaning machine is not only used correctly but also safely. This will ensure the following:

  • Reduces the need for unnecessary repair call outs, saving time and money.
  • Prolongs the equipment’s working life.
  • Cleaning tasks will be completed efficiently by the operator avoiding misuse and neglect.
  • Operator error is kept to a minimum.
  • Increases Health & Safety awareness preventing accidents.

Clemas & Co Ltd can also provide training to new staff on any existing equipment you may have in your organisation, call us on 01684 850777 or email we can match the correct training for your individual company needs.

M20 Training Image, RESIZED CANVAS, 30.10.2020

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