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After recently joining Clemas & Co and being completely new to the cleaning industry I was keen to find out how this family run business has managed to thrive in what I am told is a very competitive industry. Clemas has been supplying and servicing industrial floor cleaning machines for 29 years and one of the first things I noticed was that everyone who works here is very proud of the personalised service they give to their customers. I also quickly noticed the effort everyone puts in to make sure each customer is treated as an individual, this means they got a bespoke cleaning solution and, for example, after getting expert advice it often means customers end up buying a different machine to the one they initially had in mind, but it’s the right one for the job and it can sometimes end up a more cost effective option.

As the well known saying goes, there are always two sides to a story, so I decided to get a balanced view and find out from one of our customers if my first impressions about good service were actually correct? Were my colleagues wearing rose tinted glasses to work and being a little “creative” with the truth?

jvm news article

“The nature of the foundry environment will create a build up of dirt that can be particularly problematic to remove from the floors”.

Andy Dowell, a Clemas customer, and the facilities manager at JVM Castings kindly agreed to talk to me about his 13 year relationship with Clemas. Since 1925, JVM has been manufacturing aluminium die castings for the automotive and leisure industries and has two large sites in Tamworth and Worcester. Andy explained to me that “The nature of the foundry environment will create a build up of dirt that can be particularly problematic to remove from the floors. Over the years various abrasive solutions have been trialled that often, if used incorrectly, had the potential to damage the floor”.





“The good relationship between JVM and Clemas has been based on good service support, keeping the equipment well maintained & promptly repaired if required”.




The manufacturing plant is a particularly challenging environment to keep clean and avoid trips and falls from oily floor surfaces and debris.  Andy went on to explain “Working closely with Clemas we trialled several styles of cleaning equipment before jointly concluding what was best suited to JVM’s requirements. This has resulted in a good relationship between JVM & Clemas based on 1, a good technical understanding of JVM requirements, 2, putting equipment in place that is capable operating in the associated environment and 3, good service support keeping the equipment well maintained & promptly repaired if required”.


I was starting to realise the good relationship between us and JVM was based on nothing more than good old fashioned service when he said, “I know with Clemas it’s simple and hassle free, I get honest advice on the best machine to suit my particular cleaning jobs and they just do what they say they are going to do, I don’t have to worry about whether the engineer will turn up on time to service our machine or whether my new cleaning machine will arrive when I need it, and that’s exactly what you need from a supplier in any business but especially in the manufacturing industry where reliable suppliers are vital”.

Andy is currently using a ride on scrubber dryer and a pedestrian scrubber dryer on a long term hire arrangement and said “These machines have reduced the time spent cleaning, made floor cleaning easier & improved the finish without any damage to the surface”.  Andy goes on to say “The long term hire arrangement coupled with the service & repair element works well from a costing perspective”

So after also getting a customer’s view of what Clemas is actually like and I now have both sides of the story.  I am starting to believe my colleagues but needed one further piece of information because what if JVM was a one off? Can Clemas really provide exceptional service for all customers and not only JVM? After I did a bit of further investigating I was finally convinced as the numbers spoke for themselves, a staggering 97.1% of customers have renewed their long term service/maintenance contracts when they expired, and the majority have remained loyal customers for several years.

Speak to us today about how you can achieve the best possible industrial floor cleaning results. Call us on 01684 850777 or e mail

Images for the Tennant service and maintenance

Good quality cleaning machines are an expensive investment for any business and need to be reliable so cleaning happens when it should and cleaning is carried out to the highest standards first time, every time. Regular servicing of your floor cleaning machine avoids sub-standard cleaning results from issues such as worn out brushes or damaged squeegees, or worse, an unexpected breakdown. These situations are stressful, costly and inconvenient to everyone and above all, totally unnecessary.

By having a skilled engineer regularly servicing your machine it allows the engineer to understand the cleaning demands placed on each machine. They can then easier identify any specific problems that may arise on your machine from the environment it needs to work in. It allows for any parts that are wearing to be identified thereby reducing the likelihood of machine breakdowns. It also helps you to budget for any parts that may need replacing in the future.


Why choose the regular servicing of your floor cleaning machine with Clemas?


  • Get the best out of your machine Expert advice and support from experienced engineers and staff who are easily accessible for any trouble shooting, re training or advice
  • Convenient Clemas engineers visit your site with a wide range of consumables (squeegees, brushes, pads) already with them so you are likely to have them when your machine is serviced and not days or weeks later
  • Time saving Engineers are regularly re trained so skills are always being improved and they are fully up to speed with the latest technology developments, this means servicing won’t take longer than necessary so minimum cleaning downtime
  • Hassle free Small, family run business that focuses on customer service so you get an efficient, personalised service. It’s very easy to arrange a service contract and once it’s up and running we will do the rest. You will get a call when your machine is due a service so you don’t even have to remember when it’s due
  • Peace of mind 29 years of experience in the cleaning industry means you can be sure that your cleaning machine is in safe hands and will be kept in the best possible condition for optimal cleaning performance


A service package to suit you


 Choose from a pay as you go service plan or a more cost effective annual service package that includes 3 services in a year. Our engineers carry out a thorough inspection of your cleaning machine at your site and for further information about what you can expect during a service click here or call us and we will do our best to answer any queries you have.





Don’t put off the servicing of your cleaning machine any longer, arrange your service contract now by calling us on 01684 850777 or e mail





It’s often thought a change is as good as a holiday, so if your cleaning machine has seen better days, out with the old and in with a new, hire buy or lease a floor cleaning machine may be just what your business needs for a cleaning solution that could save you time and money.

Choices choices…, hire or lease?

Hiring from one week to three years gives you peace of mind that servicing and repairs are all included in the cost, helping to free up capital for other projects and spread the cost of your machine.

We have a comprehensive hire fleet of floor cleaning products for you to choose from and with 29 years in the cleaning business we are confident we can support your business to find what is right for you.

Buying a quality cleaning machine comes with a one to three year guarantee and you can rest easy with our bespoke support packages so your product is regularly serviced by fully qualified engineers and supplied with new brushes or cleaning consumables when needed.

You will be sure to find what you need from our extensive range of professional cleaning machines that are ideally designed for heavy duty commercial & industrial use. Our experienced sales team can demonstrate different models at your workplace to help you find exactly what you need for your particular business.

Leasing spreads that cost of your cleaning equipment and gives you the flexibility at the end of the lease period to buy or replace/upgrade your machine with another lease. This option includes regular servicing so you can rest assured there is minimal down time and maximum cleaning!

Out with the old and in the with a new cleaning machine could be one of the best choices your company makes this year to refresh and revive your working environment.

To hire buy or lease a floor cleaning machine, why not give our friendly sales team a call on 01684 850777 or send us an email to



Tennant T300 floor scrubber dryer. Call us for a site survey and an on site demonstration

Industrial floor cleaning machines come in all sizes, they are not just used for larger areas. Small floor spaces can often have high usage such as entrance lobbies and toilets, so cleaning these areas with a mop or broom can be time consuming, unproductive and hard work. Matching a machine to your individual requirements is fundamental to Clemas, as we believe you will be amazed at the time, money and effort you will save by using an industrial floor cleaner, even in the smallest of spaces.

No need to mop! the Motor Scrubber is a portable lightweight cordless machine that allows work to be undertaken anywhere. This multi-talented machine can be used inside or out, it can also either scrub or buff by using a choice of brushes or pads. It has been designed to clean all those hard to reach places that larger machines cannot reach.

Motorscrubber machine                         Fiorentini-Whisper-Image-15.08.16

Rather than using a broom, the Fiorentini Whisper Vacuum is an ideal portable machine to use in small spaces, it is also light to carry so can be easily moved around your site to assist everyday cleaning needs, making it efficient and a cost effective use of your cleaning operatives time.

For further information, why not give our friendly sales team a call on 01684 850777 or send us an email to


The food industry, and rightly so, has to have very high hygiene standards,  all food businesses must develop documented food safety management procedures based on HACCP, this means that businesses must identify where risks to food safety could occur and how they will control those risks. Butchers are known as higher risk, due to the handling of rare and cooked food and more rigorous procedures are required, with more in depth monitoring and recording requirement are required.

These stringent health and safety rules and regulations mean that floor cleaning machines are an absolute must, with Collicutt Meats, a wholesale butchers being no different. Offering top quality meats to all types of local businesses, and having been going for almost 30 years, they are fully aware of their obligations towards health and safety. When they needed to replace their existing floor scrubber dryers they came to Clemas & Co Ltd, as a local company, with full ongoing support was essential to them.

Mark Wright from Collicutt Meats explained why they were looking for floor cleaning machines “We were looking for a local supplier that could provide us with the right floor cleaning equipment, along with good aftercare support. We were after replacement machines that came with a service contract so we can keep them in better condition for longer! We contacted Clemas & Co Ltd, because they were just down the road, Emma Hancock the Sales Manager attended our site to take a look at what we need the machines for and then quoted us on the machines that were best suited”.

Having a predefined service contract allows our engineers to come to site on a regular basis and go through all the working mechanics of your machines, keeping them in the best possible working order. Having a planned and regular servicing schedule helps us to identify any problems you may have with your machine, allowing us to respond and rectify before it becomes an issue. We are always aiming to keep your machine working at its optimum.

“I found Emma to be helpful and knowledgeable, quoting us quickly and competitively on machines that suited our needs. The Tennant T300 scrubber dryer brushes, which attach through magnets are really helpful as they are so quick and easy to to change. The delivery of the machines included a full training session allowing my team to get fully acquainted with the machines” Continues Mark.

If you are looking for a new machine, a replacement machine or a refurbishment on any existing floor cleaning machines, we are always happy to discuss any of your cleaning requirements so please contact our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information or complete our contact form.

CALL OUR SALES TEAM ON 01684 850777 for further information.

Bovill & Boyd before & after

With lots of jobs to do and quite often not enough hours in the day, we are all striving to maximise the use of our time. We all know that using a floor scrubber dryer is  a far quicker and more productive method than using a mop and bucket, not to mention a more effective way of actually removing the dirt from your environment. Using a chemical suitable for scrubber dryers can help take this to another level, allowing you to tackle a whole range of site related cleaning issues, including floor cleaning preparation and maintenance, the presentation of your company and also from a compliance perspective – a must these days for site safety.

Although all of our chemicals emulsify the dirt and break it down, each chemical will work in a slightly different way allowing different areas of your operations to be cleaned effectively. It doesn’t matter what your application is, we will have a chemical fit for purpose that delivers the finest results time after time.

Deep Cleaning
For an initial deep clean of a workshop floor where heavy oil and grease soiling is a problem, we would recommend Remedial Floor Cleaner. A heavy duty remedial pre-clean detergent designed to break down thick deposits of ingrained and impacted soiling from industrial floors.
If plant equipment is in use in the areas you are cleaning, HD Powerscrub is extremely effective in removing the more stubborn dirt and stains and can be used in conjunction with a Remedial Floor Cleaner.

Tyre Marks
If you have particularly stubborn rubber deposits such as fork truck tyre marks that you wish to remove, Hydra Tyre Mark Remover chemical has been designed to tackle these.

For your ongoing maintenance cleaning of a workshop floor, Multiscrub is a versatile medium duty floor cleaning chemical, and Ultrascrub is an excellent heavy duty floor cleaning product suitable for oil and grease deposits in industrial applications, and both chemicals are ideal for regular use.

If you require an odourless, mildly bacterial chemical for use in food manufacturing and processing plants, Bioscrub can cut through biological soiling.

Most of the chemicals are designed to go within your floor scrubber dryer’s clean water tank. If the dirt has been sitting on the floor for some time it can take longer to remove the layers. To gain a better result faster, you can go over a section of floor with the scrubber dryer and chemical but leave the vacuum off,  scrubbing your floors and allowing the chemical to sit for a few minutes breaking down the dirt. Once a few minutes have passed you can go back over the area with your scrubber dryer as normal, collecting all the water and chemical to see a much cleaner result. You can even do this if you just wanted to go that extra mile!!

If you wanted to talk to us, we are always happy to discuss any of your cleaning requirements so please contact our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information or complete our contact form.


Last year we included a couple of news articles on our website in relation to our great reputation for high quality customer service. At the time we also commented that this reputation is only upheld if we continue to ensure that we meet all our customer needs.

So as it’s been a while since we wrote anything regarding the high quality customer support we give to our customers we thought it important to include an article which demonstrates that we are continuing to deliver on this.

During May of this year we were contacted by one of existing customer’s, Evesham Specialist Packaging to let us know that they were expanding and therefore in need of an additional floor cleaning machine.

As a supplier to the food and supermarket industry it is imperative for ESP to maintain the highest of hygiene standards. They required a machine that was capable of removing the dust from their warehouse. The constant movement of forktrucks in and out of the building was creating dust that was settling on the boxes. Due to the distribution of these boxes it is imperative that they remain dust free as possible.

Having assessed their cleaning needs and having undertaken a site survey we recommended a Tennant 6100 ride on floor sweeper.

The Tennant 6100 ride on floor sweeper works extremely well for them due to the excellent vacuumation system and filters that collect the dust, subsequently removing the dust from the warehouse. They continue to use this machine daily to maintain the exemplary cleaning standards they need.

Ronan Lynch, Managing Director stated ” We went back to Clemas & Co Ltd for a second machine when we expanded as we have been continually impressed by their level of customer service and on-going support. He went on to add “we were confident that they had the experience to advise us on exactly what machine we would need. We were right – our warehouse has never been cleaner!”.

If you are looking for a new machine, a replacement machine or a refurbishment on any existing floor cleaning machines, we are always happy to discuss any of your cleaning requirements so please contact our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information or complete our contact form.

CALL OUR SALES TEAM ON 01684 850777 for further information.


Whilst all our cleaning machines are designed to clean in the most effective manner possible, sometimes this is not enough.

The use of cleaning chemicals in your cleaning machine may offer the solution to achieve the high level of cleanliness you require. They can aid everyday cleaning or can be the answer to more difficult cleaning problems. Everyday chemicals such as multiscrub or ultrascrub are versatile and can be used in a scrubber dryer on medium to heavy soiled hard floors. For more stubborn marks such as tyre marks the use of Hydra Tyre mark remover within your scrubber dryer will leave your floors looking as good as new with minimum effort from the operative!

Using chemicals to enhance the performance of your cleaning machine is not just limited to scrubber dryers, they can be used with many types of cleaning machines to resolve a diverse range of cleaning issues. Chemicals can be used in conjunction with your pressure washer for the removal of graffiti or alongside your floor polisher  to help maintain and buff up your floors to highlight but a few.

Now is the perfect time to try using a chemical. As part of our Casino Games we are offering 21 weeks chemical free on the hire of a scrubber dryer.

Complete our Quick Enquiry form or give us a call on 01684 850777 and we will happy to discuss the best chemical for your requirements.



Motorscrubber machine

It is a common misconception that industrial floor cleaning machines are only needed for large open areas. Just because your floor area is small does not mean that it can become any less dirty or that it needs cleaning less often than a large area. Quite the opposite – small floor areas are often “high traffic” areas.

Cleaning a small floor area by hand with a broom or mop and bucket can be incredibly hard work and time consuming. The result may also not be very effective. Industrial floor cleaning machines come in all sizes to help with this problem. The Motor scrubber is a small but truly versatile cleaning machine. It can be used inside or out and can be used with brushes or pads to either buff or scrub your floor/surfaces. Sweeping your small space is easy and effective with the S3 manual sweeper. It again can be used inside or out and does not need a power source. Similarly using a vacuum such as the backpack vacuum rather than a broom is quick, efficient and a cost effective use of your cleaning operatives time.

You will be amazed as to how much time, money and effort you could save by using an industrial floor cleaner even in the smallest of spaces. Why not give our friendly sales team a call on 01684 850777 or send us an email to and we can discuss your requirements.


The highly popular T3 Tennant walk behind scrubber dryer has evolved into the Tennant T300. The latest technologies have been applied to the Tennant T300 ensuring that the T300 is at the forefront of cleaning machine development.

The popularity of the Tennant T3 was partly down to its versatility. The T300 offers the same versatility but its components have been enhanced through the use of the most up to date technologies.

One of the most significant updates from the T3 to the Tennant T300 is the option to have an on-board video screen. The video screen makes it simple for the operator to use the T300 with little training. It also allows “zones setting and “flow controls” to be created. Both help with allowing the operator to maximise the efficiency of cleaning and reduce the need for secondary cleaning. Saving both time and money.T300 video1

The Tennant T300 also has a “Quiet Mode” option which reduces noise levels and allows day time cleaning without disruption.

The introduction of yellow “touch points” and “Insta Click” scrub deck allows easy maintenance as the replacement pads and brushes can be “clicked” into place easily and quickly. These additions make it even simpler for the scrubber dryer to be kept in optimum condition.

As with the T3 the T300 has ec-H20 NanoClean technology which allows the floor scrubber to be used without the need for chemicals, thus reducing the consumption of daily floor cleaning detergents and their environmental impact.

The Tennant T300 has retained the great qualities of the T3 floor scrubber dryer such as its ease of use and versatility but offers truly useful and notable improvements which enhance the cleaning experience for the operator.

Click T300 to view more product details.


customer service logo

Earlier this year we communicated how proud we were to have a fantastic reputation for our high quality customer service. However as we mentioned then and continues to be front of mind today, this reputation is only upheld if we continue to ensure that we meet all our customer needs. Striving for a great reputation is one thing, but continuing to deliver it keeps us well and truly on our toes!

It is therefore incredibly rewarding for us at Clemas & Co Ltd to know that we are delivering in our customer service. The Corporate Account Manager, Mike Pavely from one of our customers, Linde Material handling recently quoted:

“Ashley from Clemas met me on site following a request from my customer. After a brief consultation together with my client we understood the application and were able to respond with an on-site demonstration of the equipment the following day.  We were not given a lot of time to respond with the required solution on this project. The client decided to hire a machine and it has now been on site for over 6 months now with no problems at all. I would recommend Ashley and his team to anyone looking for a professional outsourced cleaning machine solution at a very competitive price point”.

 Linde – Creighton Ltd are a Material Handling company based across the West Midlands region and provide a diverse range of material handling equipment to many different business sectors.

Their business philosophy is to provide long-term local business partnerships based on a thorough understanding and genuine interest in individual business requirements as well as delivering responsive and effective after-sales support.

Receiving such great feedback from a company that looks to work in long term partnership with its customers and places importance on after sales support is a great compliment to us at Clemas & Co Ltd and encourages us to continue to achieve high quality customer service.

If you are looking for a new machine, a replacement machine or a refurbishment on any existing floor cleaning machinery, we are always happy to discuss any of your cleaning requirements so please contact our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information.


general Repairs card Oct 15

We have now launched the final quarterly promotion of our Monopoly themed cleaning games.

Our latest offer is to “Make General Repairs” on your floor cleaning machines. To help with this Clemas & Co Ltd will be giving a 10% discount on all consumables when a maintenance contract is taken out on a Tennant machine.

At Clemas we are continually “preaching” to our customers how important it is to keep your cleaning machine in prime condition. Doing this ensures that your machine works at its maximum efficiency. Regular servicing and frequently replacing any damaged or worn consumables such as squeegees and brushes is critical to making the most of your time and effort.

To view which machines are involved in our “Make General Repairs” please click Tennant machines alternatively please contact us on 01684 850777 and our sales team will be happy to assist you further.

Our Facebook site is up and running and waiting for you to “befriend us”!

The launch of our Facebook site not only offers us a great opportunity to pass on hints and tips and useful information as to what we are up to at Clemas but also gives us a forum where we can share your feedback  or answer any questions that you may have in a quick and easy manner.


Whilst our site is still in its infancy we hope that through the support of our customers the site will  develop and become a useful , interesting site.

We will continue to post updates on our promotions, useful tips, industry latests etc but we are also planning to run Facebook exclusive offers. So if you are an existing Clemas & co customer or new to us please “friend ” request us now to become eligible for these deals.


Have you thought about how much a sweeping machine could benefit you? Are you currently using a broom or perhaps not pre-sweeping at all?

It is worth considering that a broom can actually create more dust, is incredibly time consuming, not to mention back breaking work! A sweeper can capture dust and debris in a single pass. It is easy to sweep quickly and uniformly. These considerations ensure that you are getting the most cost effective cleaning possible, especially when you add to this that a ride on sweeper can clean large areas in a fast, efficient manner.

If you pre-sweep the area before using your scrubber dryer it will enable your scrubber dryer to work more efficiently. There will be less chance of any damage being caused to your  scrubber dryer.  Common damage caused to your scrubber dryer by not pre-sweeping can be that debris causes a blockage in part of the machine or that squeegee blades become damaged due to grit wearing them. Additionally if the blades are not clean they can create streaks across the area being cleaned, meaning you may need to clean the area again!

Having seen what the benefits of using a sweeper can be why not view our current promotion of “Sweep Past Go”  to see how you can take advantage.

free consumables card

Our Cleaning Games are well underway and we are now pleased to introduce, “Sweep Your Way Past Go”. With this offer you will receive a free spare main brush and a free side brush. All you need to do to qualify  is to purchase any Tennant battery or petrol operated sweeping machine.

At Clemas & Co Ltd we believe it is essential to keep your cleaning machine in prime condition to ensure that it works at its most maximum efficiency. Regular maintenance and good consumables are critical to make the most of your time and effort.

By having spare consumables on site (such as the brushes in our latest offer) it will ensure that you can simply change the old worn brushes and carry on cleaning with very little down time. You will not have to wait for the new brushes to arrive or pay for them to be delivered; saving you time and money.

In many cases it tends to be at the most inconvenient of times when parts may become worn on your machine and stop working well. However if you have spares on site you will have the peace of mind that you can continue with little disruption.  

To view which machines are involved in our “Sweep Past Go” please click Tennant machines alternatively please contact us on 01684 850777 and our sales team will be happy to assist you further.




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